1The collapse era of the Soviet mountaineering has been a tough time. In section CSKA almost nobody had wish to train with youth. This is a huge responsibility, a lot of time without visible results. Greater "Bumps" preferred to remove the cream from sports achievements in the form of estimates, budgets and imaginary travel expenses. And to work with the young guys looked upon as an unnecessary burden.

But we had Lyudmila Savina. Beautiful, feminine, witty - this woman was a dream bullies. She was our dream. In 1993, I was involved in her scheme of mountaineering. It was hard the necessary school by the standards of the Soviet period. We have trained, studied and passed exams. Beat hooks and jumared, ran on time and carried water for refuge. Often I had excessive demands that are now very grateful. As an example, I can tell you about the salvation in pair when on the rocks Forestry I pulled Andrew Molotov with a "broken" leg. And then with envy heard that the exam is scored for both of us.

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All of this regularity and enthusiasm gave its fruits. No one dared to disobey the Coach. Every Tuesday and Thursday we gathered in the hall CSKA, ran to Kok-Tube. Got the job, then reported. Sometimes she drove us around the stadium... How many laps for being late, how many gims for "the talk in the ranks" got me! Under the strict gaze of her beautiful eyes wanted to straighten your shoulders, to be the best.
After a workout, Lyudmila Nikolaevna gathered a flock of young people in the corner of the room, and gave you install on the weekend. When he said " Oh! as she spoke! her quiet voice was clearer and louder teams sport squadron warrant officers.
- I'll take youth to easy road. Is your team at the Northern crest of Mametovoy peak going?
- But snowfall can happen, Lyudmila Nikolaevna ! - smiled Andrey Barbashinov. - We are with you and girls, better?
- No! Not "better", affectionately and desperately parried Savina. - Our mountains is possible to climb in any weather condition.
She was poetry, her statements were repeated among the "enlightened". When Lyudmila Nikolaevna went on the ascents with guys that favorite phrase was: "Boys, don't stand, work!" In addition, magic control "the man, which I will pass up on the approach - goes down" was forced to upheavals over the limit, not to submit the form fatigue. Once we military uvenile walls of our house in Tuyuk-su photographs of naked ladies... Then Lyudmila Nikolaevna gave emotion about the feeling that it is herself parasuicide in the Nude. It is what it is - a youth led real beauty Lady! And then it's magic! - "one I peeled back, the other needs to peel off the commandant"!
Once on the South wall of the peak of the Komsomol stone strange ricocheted flew it under the bottom edge of the helmet. I wasn't there, but the guys told that blood was out. However, the ascent continued. How can she be such a feminine and rugged climber? Like I had never seen.

Before the our generation (Frolov, Molotov, Barbashinov and others) in the team CSKA everyone called her Lucy. It was too sweet, which cut the hearing, to be honest. Was not perceived. Exactly 1993 she became Lyudmila Nikolaevna. Super-keen the girl trainer. With her own sporting ambitions. And it is raised her at the end to Everest in the Kazakh team in 1997.

Refuges covered by snow, adventures in the mountains, corollas primroses in the Ala-Archa gorge... It's a legend! A beautiful tale, for which I am ready to worship at feet of Lyudmila Nikolaevna. Coaching then went to Yuri Gobonov, wizard rock engineering. The next step of the younger generation "graduates" Savina passed to Dmitry Grekov. One who is endowed with real talent, was able to develop the right values for young children in maintain .
Inode in later years I met Ludmila Nikolaevna at the celebration of the New Year, on the trail to the peak Amangeldy. And she always smiled like no other in the world - is coming tenderness from a young age. This caring as a sister, who was seen as the snotty kid eventually break mustache. Merry her eyes shoot straight to the heart - I get embarrassed and blush under this opinion. Try to straighten your shoulders, as in training in the past. To show that "our mountains can be climbed in any weather condition." To catch her approval.
Thank You, my dear coaches :) Congratulations on the coming New Year 2015, I wish this happiness with friends and relatives. And I will go to Karakorum, with the hope to live up by your vision of climbing on the slope K2 winter. And to say HI to you from there! To Lyudmila Nikolaevna - with a kiss.
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